#np @BillFrisell and James McNew (@dumpland),
Dark Star > Comes A Time, 10/5/14.
Listen: http://t.co/X3zC7ouiQd

The Tape Record: 8/21/87 (Ian’s Party)

Ian McLean’s Party, Hebron, N.Y.

Listen to the show.

View the setlist on Phish.net.

This tape sounds really good. The show is a precursor to their later festival shows, but it’s not typical of any show that’s happened so far in the tape record. You can listen to every show in order and still not be prepared for what you hear on this one.

The Tape Record: 12/6/86.


The Ranch, Sherburne, Vt.

Listen to the show: http://bit.ly/1gyG9yN

This is an interesting tape from “band personality” perspective. Psychologically askew.

The Tape Record: 10/31/86.


Goddard College Halloween Show.

Listen to the show: http://bit.ly/1xOJ42U

Mustang Sally is in name only.

The Tape Record: 10/15/86.


Hunt’s, Burlington.

Listen here.

Paul’s first show as soundman.

Trey has improved tremendously. On Alumni, Fishman is fantastic, and the whole band gels. Alumni is a topical song, with lyrics the college crowd could relate (and dance) to.

The Tape Record: 11/14/85 to 4/15/86.


Memorial Auditorium Basement, Burlington.

Listen to the show: http://bit.ly/1qNwPNI

Acoustic Makisupa Policeman. No drums at this show? Percussion set.

Key change » Piggies (Beatles) » Transition back to Makisupa?

The Tape Record: 10/30/85.


Hunt’s, Burlington.

Listen to the show: http://bit.ly/1tNmUvj

'This is the band Phish. They're bad.'

Trey: ‘I hope you’re ready to dance.’

The Tape Record: 10/17/85.


Finbar’s, Burlington.

Listen to the show: http://bit.ly/1BuV3kr

Star Trek jam. The first Alumni Blues I’ve heard, a modern Alumni > LTJP > Alumni. Sounds like it’s under the influence of Southbound. Development in the five months since we’ve heard them is impressive. Mike’s Song is introduced as Microdot.